MDL offers BRCAware™ to help physicians identify patients who are at higher risk of Breast or Ovarian Cancer. Having this knowledge at a genetic level will shift the emphasis in medicine from reaction to prevention. It will offer the opportunity to focus on early intervention rather than on reaction at advanced stages of disease. 

MDL performs genetic testing on clinical specimens for research and diagnostic applications. The testing is performed using the latest technology under strict CLIA guidelines and quality control. Our expertise and innovative services are offered to the healthcare community, academic researchers and biotech companies.


Pharmacogenetic testing improves prediction of the best medication for each patient. Numerous studies have shown the fiscal as well as social benefits of personalized​

Fast Results
MDL offers fast turn around time of five business days or less. This means that physicians can ensure timely availability of patient’s genetic information.

Physicians are moving away from the traditional ‘one size fits all’ approach to medical practice. The reason for this is the realization that a person’s genetics

Buccal Swab

Most of MDL tests require only buccal swab samples easily collected by gently rubbing the inside surface of cheek—very convenient, painless and quick.​